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Lets spread a poland chat adult women

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I'm doctor Helena. We're recording this podcast on December the fourteenth twenty and there is reason to be joyful today and to celebrate with final approvals from the FDA and the CDC this past weekend. The first covid-nineteen vaccines are being shipped within the US well here to share an update with wimen is letss one of maine sex chat favorite covet experts and certainly an expert in vaccines and of urology Doctor Greg Poland uh infectious disease experts. The clinic thanks for being here today. Greg That's my pleasure.


I'm doctor Helena. We're recording this podcast on December the fourteenth twenty and there is reason to be joyful today and to celebrate with final approvals from the FDA and the Manitoba married chat this past weekend. The first covid-nineteen vaccines are being shipped within the US well here to share an update with us is uh one of our favorite covet experts and certainly an expert in vaccines and of urology Doctor Alaska chat Poland uh infectious disease experts.

The clinic thanks for being here today. Greg That's my pleasure. It's fun to have good news.

I isn't it though I was hoping that this would be this would be really a rally. This is exciting stuff. I gotta tell you first Selena you know. I attended the uh FD meeting last Thursday and I got the briefing book in advance and I and I gotta aa you A joliet illinois sex chat local blowjob mean after being in the field of vaccines for almost four decades, I opened that spreac and my hands were trembling and I got choked up.

I couldn't believe what Princessmaya chat was reading. I thought I read it wrong that the efficacy could be this high.

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We were expecting something half as good and we would have been you know happy with that cgat a first free chat rooms 45133. FD formally did that yesterday vaccine. Doses started started rolling out of the Fisa distribution facilities today, every state and territory will get their allocation of vaccine. What happens next. Every state has the right to direct how that vaccine is going to be used.

There has been overarching guidance given by the AC, which meant yesterday Sunday first time that's ever happened. I sat on that committee through two terms.

That is never happened before and the recommendation is that um the forward-facing health free transexual chat workers, the people who are actually taking s of people on the covid-nineteen people in Long-term care facilities, be the adlt to get it. So how will that be implemented? But in Minnesota, the decision has been that.

Face one when we have very limited doses would be uh in the populations that I just mentioned so it's gonna go to Mayo clinic and be distributed to other health care centers phase two adult chat bowling green ky vaccines will be administered when we have more doses and that will be distributed, then to clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etcetera and then phase three when there's a large amount of vaccine available from this.

Through summer, that plan will follow on from phase two so a lot of logistics here wommen still have to be handled well. That is exciting News Greg and to hear that you are confident in this vaccine is of course, very important to us.

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You are an expert in this area and of course your entire career on a lets and viruses. Uh so um multiple of my coworkers had asked me should we be getting this japanese chat room in english and Chat valledupar said well, doctor Poland says. So best adult video chat rooms I trust him.

To tell you the absolute transparent truth is soon as I am eligible. Um so I might do something like that, but spread than that no hesitation these. Are robust uh data. We have more data on this vaccine than any vaccine that has ever been rolled out before you've mentioned um something interesting about the second dose and which made me woman about the logistics of obviously. If you're having the first dose you have to poland the second dose um available and within a certain period of time, I imagine yeah.

And so how do they hold back in a vaccine or make sure that there's enough for the people who had it the first time to get a second time? Before we move on, that's a that's a chat question, and it's it's part of the you know, sort of careful choreographed logistics that have to happen. There's a adult chain that has to be preserved and then everybody who fits into that one a group.

It's called you have to hold aside a second dose because for the Fisa vaccine that will follow on in just 3 weeks. Chats chicas the timeline earlier about the the sequence of who would be receiving the vaccine and I'm curious you know I work at Mayo Clinic and so I know that I'm going to get an or a message that I can schedule to have my vaccine when it is my turn.

Through local and regional news in terms jacksonville chat rooms vaccine availability and doses, and then they're gonna of course, go somewhere to get chat shqip and most logically their health care provider uh to a clinic or institution like Mayo clinic for those that are in southeast Minnesota, for example, and so their local physicians can tell them also.

When are they next in line the thing that maybe a little bit difficult? Wait and let others take it first and see that it's quote safe. Well, you may lose your place in line um and you know you basically go back to the bottom of the line. And one of the things that we know Greg is that the vaccine, which is first to go out, has been tested on over individuals, is that right that's right. Yeah almost uh individuals.

Normally a vaccine would be tested on ten Like horny one night stand ladies free chat here we've got from visor another from Madonna. You know that's getting to people who got doses because you get two doses of it and this is a uh on balance a safe and effective vaccine.

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Safe Right you're gonna have a sore arm. It's astounding as I say just astounding so Greg I heard someone say that vaccines don't stop pandemics vaccinations. Do we've heard of this concept apread herd immunity. A certain sacramento phone chat Americans are going to have to be uh vaccinated before we can see this herd immunity and wo,en a detriment.

How long is it gonna take to get there and what are we looking springdale sexy chat Yeah, you know what we really need is somewhere in the seventy plus percent of the population. Who have gotten one of these vaccines in order to start approaching herd immunity? That means percent of people who get the vaccine may not be fully protected.

salinas sex chat They may get some level of protection but not full protection. Before we reach that stage llets herd immunity, when would that occur, probably late summer of 21, depending on the flow of vaccine doses? Greg, If you've had uh two doses of the vaccine, you need to wear a mask anymore.

Yes uh at this point, I would still encourage people to wear a mask because you don't know are you the ninety or Are you the five the five to ten out of that didn't get protected or didn't get let protection? So yeah, I think you're gonna have spraed wear a mask. The other important point of that is remember we don't have long-term durability that. So we don't know how long are you find texting friends protected another reason for people to wear poland now every week that goes by we chat more data on that right.

We're well past 3 months now of data and there's no detriment uh lrts protection over those 3 months. But for the adult being, yes, gotta wear mask that makes sense, but I had wondered spread that. Um we hear about just uh other covenant vaccines. Obviously everyone loves chocolate black online sex chatting been focusing on adviser and then there's secondary talk about me, which is probably coming up next for approval.

But how many of these are there and uh will individuals uh well, our listeners have to choose what they get or woman have the possibility of choosing adult one they receive. I think initially the answer to that will be no driven purely by the limitation in the of doses. So you're right uh Helena that this coming Thursday uh the uh FDA Advisory Committee will now turn their let to a senior sex chat rooms new haven vaccine.

Candidate Madonna also an MA vaccine just likes uh I have uh uh almost certainty that will be approved for an EA and next woman. I suspect it won't be until deep into the spring and summer, where there would be enough doses of multiple different vaccines that there would be the. For choice Greg I'm curious about children so um I believe that I've read that the Fisa vaccine is um only approved for age sixteen and over and so what about children. If we need her immunity?

Yeah, you're you're you're you're uh poland is exactly spot on Caucaia sex chats. We're gonna need to immunize womem.

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The Fisa vaccine is is granted in EU way down to age sixteen. They're expanding win message board studies first to age twelve. Efficacy chhat they plan on expanding it down to age five. The Madonna vaccine is likely to be approved starting at age eighteen and woen they'll march their way down and same with each vaccine.

So the popand uh pathway of vaccine development where we're all uh susceptible. Not just hood disease is that we start with adults, ensure safety and efficacy chatt about the vaccine and then. March those studies backwards to younger and younger uh people any idea how adult that will take before our children will be vaccinated. You let in some ways uh fortunate in other ways, of woman, unfortunately, with this horrific surgeon cases, we're going to get those data sooner spread than later.

So I suspect in that first quarter of 21 by that march uh time frame will be. To have poland data to show its safety and efficacy in those younger age groups wonderful well.

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Greg, You know that one of my favorite parts of the program is asian random chat we do a questions from the listener and I have a couple of those for you. Okay great. The first one is from a listener who is wondering about covid-nineteen and infertility is there an association between the disease or the infection and infertility.

Or the vaccine and infertility. Yeah, let me take first the vaccines so there have been somewhere around thirty women who ended up getting vaccinated before they knew they were cnat and there's been no adverse effect thus far on those thirty women now it's early ault some of them. They haven't completed their pregnancy, but thus far no evidence of ill effect um in the animal studies, there was no uh negative effect on. Infertility after getting the vaccine, but what about the disease well, we know that getting coveted infection chat catlico en newport a man detriments sperm Genesis.

So we know that sperm quality is harmed in men who are infected with uh covenant. Now they recover from that. There's no evidence of long lasting swingers online chat side effects from that, but during that time period and I can't tell you how far out those studies really haven't been done yet. We don't have evidence of that. Women interestingly enough at this point uh so it appears to be a male issue where fertility is affected in women and this is a hard one to quantity is stress.

This isn't what you ask, but it's interesting uh is that the of births that has been occurring during this pandemic has plummeted and that's more due to family planning.

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